Course Syllabus


Protecting Local Pollinators: Building a Bee House

Investigate United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 15 “Life on Land” and the problem of habitat loss for local pollinators. Learn how to support students in solving the problem by designing and building a house for solitary bees using simple materials. Discover how students can create an algorithm to share their step-by-step instructions for building a bee house with others!

Course Outcomes

By the end of this on-demand webinar, you will:

  1. learn how to support students in the design of a bee house that meets the needs of solitary bees using the Design and Build Process and
  2. establish how students can share their set of step-by-step instructions for building a basic bee house by creating an algorithm.


This course is an on-demand webinar recording. To obtain your completion badge for this course, you will have to complete a self-reflection. 

Grade Level

This course is suitable for educators teaching grade 6 to grade 9.

Estimate Duration

This course should take you 60 minutes to complete.

Earn Your Badge 

You will have to complete a self-reflection to receive your digital badge. This badge can be added to your professional portfolio.