Course Syllabus


Camouflaged Coders

This webinar will introduce you to the Inquiry-Based Learning approach and its benefits to engage students in STEM. By investigating each phase of the IBL approach, with the concept of camouflage as a backdrop example, you will learn how to apply it in a cross-curricular classroom situation. You will also explore several hands-on, unplugged coding extensions that fit well with the inquiry activity.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this on-demand webinar, you will:

    1. examine the importance of using an Inquiry-Based Learning approach;
    2. apply an Inquiry-Based Learning approach to extend student learning; and
    3. investigate STEM-based unplugged coding activities, reflecting the concept of camouflage, to develop computational thinking skills.


This course is an on-demand webinar recording. To obtain your completion badge for this course you will have to complete a self-reflection.

Grade Level

This course is suitable for educators teaching kindergarten to grade 12.

Estimate Duration

This course should take you 60 minutes to complete.

Earn Your Badge 

You will have to complete a self-reflection to receive your digital badge. This badge can be added to your professional portfolio.

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