Course Syllabus


What's in a Face? AI Programming and Facial Recognition

In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to what facial recognition is, how it is trained into a computer algorithm and where it’s used in everyday life. You will test out your computer training skills in an unplugged activity, and experiment with teaching strategies that help you and your students identify the pros and cons of using facial recognition technology.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this on-demand webinar, you will:

    1. identify areas where machine learning influences our daily lives;
    2. set-up and use the teaching strategies from this lesson with your students; and
    3. facilitate discussions relating to the pros and cons of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


This course is a webinar on-demand recording. To obtain your completion badge for this course, you will have to complete a self-reflection.

Grade Level

This course is suitable for educators teaching grade 7 to grade 12.

Estimate Duration

This course should take you 75 minutes to complete.

Earn Your Badge 

You will have to complete a self-reflection to receive your digital badge. This badge can be added to your professional portfolio.

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